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When it comes to Hollywood’s biggest night of the year we have to consider that the Academy Awards is definitely the moment in which all of the biggest starts in Hollywood come out to the red carpet and compete for the biggest prizes and awards in the industry on a yearly basis and this is a really beautiful event that is full of every dazzling star that Hollywood has to offer and it really becomes such a spectacle every year for obvious reasons but it still is just an awards show, but still it gets so many viewers every year for an awards show for the film industry, and although it definitely is a really prestigious event and it is an American tradition to watch the Oscars on television it is definitely really boring to say the least in terms of what is actually going on in the awards show, and even the great speeches that the winners make are only about a minute long so they can’t even say that much and make that much of a difference, but of course within this article I think we should talk more specifically about the 2016 Oscars and what has happened in recent weeks and the event that happened just this year and how the results definitely changed the entire industry for the most part in great ways.

Of course when it comes to the most recent Oscars we have to talk about the film The Revenant, and I think that this movie in general was a masterpiece for the most part and a lot of people definitely understand that it was a really crazy thing what they did with their lighting and the ways in which this movie was shot, and of course when we think about how this film was shot in such epic locations that definitely makes a big difference in terms of how we think about this film and that is why Alejandro Innaritu won the best director award this year and he is the first director to win back to back Oscars since the 60s or something like that and I think that is partly why this year’s ceremony was so special because we can definitely put Innaritu on a really elite level with the rest of Hollywood and this is an awesome thing for a lot of the industry because he definitely deserves the credit. But let’s not forget Leonardo DiCaprio who gave the best speech of the night and finally won his first Oscar after several nominations throughout his career, but it just goes to show that Leo definitely found his award winning role that he was searching for, and he knew that it was going to have to be a really challenging role to complete and perform well in, and that was part of what made this movie so special was that it really was a physical challenge for everyone on this film to complete the tasks at hand, which then of course was something that we all must consider to be impressive to say the least.

Now in terms of some of the other films at this year’s Oscars we have to think about Mad Max which won a handful of awards, and I think this film as well was a huge budget and definitely was shot in such a lucrative and expensive way, but it still was just so epic because it was full of large explosions and really contrasting colors of red and orange and just bright desert landscapes in general that made this movie eerie and strange but still very entertaining. When they all got our together at the Oscars from their own private limo service they looked magnificent.

Of course a bunch of other films and actors and actresses won a lot of great awards and thoroughly deserved the accomplishments they got, but definitely The Revenant and Mad Max were the biggest winning films of the event and that is definitely a big deal because now these films will go down in the history books of film forever and they deserve to be something worth remembering.




2016 Nominees

The Oscars are definitely a really exciting time for the city of Los Angeles and of course the entire film industry, and when it comes down to it we can always speculate and do whatever it is we want when it comes down to analyzing the nominees of each year’s awards, and that is exactly what we are going to do with these articles in terms of the 2016 Oscar nominees, and it’s just fun because everyone loves the Oscars and the biggest names in Hollywood so we are just kind of jumping on the bandwagon and helping enable people with these strange obsessions that they have because it is kind of funny so let’s keep the ball rolling and keep on writing about all of these awesome awards that have such fantastic and fabulous nominees this year, just like every year, but that doesn’t change the fact that everyone is so beautiful and great in terms of their mystique and awesomeness.

For the best actress in a supporting role we definitely have a ton of potential, but I think everyone knows who is going to win this award this year. Of course a lot of people are looking at the Golden Globes Awards as a precursor to the Oscars, which is where Kate Winslet won this award for her role in Steve Jobs, but I don’t think that her success will carry over into the academy votes, although it is definitely likely because the Oscars obviously love Winslet and she is definitely a good actress who played a classy role. But I don’t think the academy is going to give this award to the actress who played a very classy role, because all of them are pretty classy except for one and that is Jennifer Jason Leigh’s performance in Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. Her performance was so freaking cool and she was so grotesque and awesome that I think there is no doubt that she will take this award home with no problems, as she rightfully should. 

The next award that we are going to talk about is the best animated film of the year, and I think we all already know which movie is going to win so that is the reason why we are only going to talk about the movie that I think is going to win this Oscar. It’s Inside Out, and this kid’s movie was just so good and fun that I don’t think it will lose because it was just that good, and that’s what usually wins, not to mention it had incredible animation.

The next award is in cinematography, and I think this award will be harder to judge, but there is definitely a clear winner in this category as well in Emmanuel Lubezki’s role in The Revenant. Of course Robert Richardson has a chance with The Hateful Eight, but because Lubezki primarily used natural light and was actually out in the wilderness for long periods of time while shooting this movie I think his use of camera skills and lighting was by far superior to anyone else’s and that’s because he was innovative as hell. 

The next award, and I guess the last award we are going to talk about is the best director of the year, and I think that this award is probably the most prestigious of them all because I want to be a director and I think this one is just super important and awesome in so many different ways, and of course this year has a lot of potential in the Oscar nominees, but Alejandro Inarritu will win for his direction of The Revenant.


When this time of the year comes around in Los Angeles the weather not only starts to get warmer up in to 80s and it starts to feel a little bit more like summer than it already always does, but it is also a time of year that has a big event, arguably the biggest event that always happens in Los Angeles every year, and that event is the Oscars, or the Academy Awards. Everyone knows about the Oscars because it is the type of event that draws a ton of attention from all over the world from film enthusiasts everywhere, and of course young men and women who obsess over famous actors and actresses and emulate them for some strange reason except for the fact that they are very talented and attractive people, but hell, that’s the film industry for you. Actors are always going to be super good looking, and when it comes to the Oscars all of the actors and actresses are very good looking and they are obviously the most talented performers of their allotted year because they just kill it like they know it is because of how intense and epic they get in their roles, which is really impressive no matter who your are and if you care or not about the Oscars. 

So if you are interested in learning more about the 2016 Oscar nominees and who we think might have the best chance at winning their respective awards then you are in the right place because all of these articles are about this year’s Oscar nominees and it’s just an awesome place to be online in general. 

So let’s start talking about the best actor in a supporting role nominees that we have for this year’s Oscar awards. Of course there are some pretty epic choices for this category because a lot of stories come out with some great characters who are the supporting roles for good stories, and of course every good story has good supporting roles, and this year is no exception and even has some awesome surprises as well.

First off we have one of the frontrunners in Christian Bale’s role in The Big Short, which was definitely a great role for him and a great movie in general. Bale was hilarious and definitely pulled out his a game for this one, but of course it probably wasn’t as good as some of his competitors. Then we have Tom Hardy, who absolutely killed his role in The Revenant, and it is kind of funny that all of the best nominees just so happen to be from The Revenant but I still think that Hardy might deserve it for his role in this movie, but he does have some serious competition.

There is Sylvester Stallone in his Rocky role in Creed, and I think this is really huge for him and it might just be his lucky chance at winning an Oscar, and he could deserve it after all those renditions of Rocky it’s just about time maybe for him.

Of course it is definitely hard to tell which of these three front runners will win, because let’s be honest the guy from Bridge of Spies, Mark Rylance, doesn’t stand a chance against those three guys so it pretty much is a three horse race for this Oscar. I think it will probably go to Hardy, but Stallone definitely has a chance at upsetting the best up and coming actor in Hollywood right now, but who knows, except the academy, but we the people will never know until that day comes.

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What Movies Are Nominated

So it doesn’t matter so much to me, but of course because I work in the industry I am interested to see which movies get nominated and things like that so that I can see what type of films and performances are considered the very best, and of course the very best of the best are always nominated for the Oscars that’s how it works and that is how it will always work for as long as big time producers keep paying the Academy to have their movies and actors nominated for the awards.

So if you are also super obsessed with Hollywood and famous people in general and you just want to watch the Oscars more than anything, even more than the Super Bowl because you are artistic and just the type of person who obsesses over famous people then you have come to the right place on the internet because this site is all about obsessing over famous people and seeing which Oscar nominations might win and what will probably happen when the Oscars do happen next week, which is always super exciting for everyone involved, which is pretty much the smallest slice of the entire film industry every year that everyone knows about and cares about because that is exactly how Hollywood wants to keep their products. 

So what we are going to talk about next in terms of the list of these articles are the nominations for the best actress in a leading role, and of course this is one of the most important awards given every year at the Oscars because girls definitely get more emotional about these awards than guys do and this usually when we see a lot of tears and emotional speeches, which is kind of funny all the time when it goes down in a unique way, and the truth is that this year it is definitely hard to tell which actress is going to win although there are a few really cool roles that I think did an awesome job this year and deserve their nominations maybe more than the others. 

First let’s talk about Cate Blanchett for her role in Carol, which was definitely a pretty complex role for any actress to pull off and she did a fantastic job, and I think she might be one of the front runners to win, especially because she is so pretty and just looks like the type of actress who wins Oscars, but who knows. I think our winner might come with the newcomer in Brie Larson in her performance in Room, and what is so cool is that no one knew who Brie Larson was before this past movie she did and now she is a household name and is super famous and it’s just kind of cool to see a newcomer get some claim to fame and she might just take it all right away. 

Then there is Jennifer Lawrence who played the lead in Joy, and I think everyone knows she is a huge start and might win because of who she is, which still might be the case this year during the ceremony. But we can never know.

Who Watches The Oscars

When the Oscars come around you know that means that every gay man in America is prepping themselves for a night of wine and cheese on their respective couches or at an Oscars party or something really strange like that, but what is so funny is that so many people will watch the Oscars although it is definitely one of the most boring events to watch on television, and the truth is that I am not the biggest fan of watching the Oscars, but I am a big fan of filmmaking so it makes sense for me to be genuinely interested in seeing who is nominated and who wins because it does make a difference in the overall landscape of the film industry depending on who is nominated and who wins. I don’t really care so much to see all of the richest and famous people in Hollywood walk on the red carpet and give acceptance speeches because it kind of just makes me feel like shit and that I’ll never be able to amount to anything because of the barriers to entry within the film industry, and that’s just a super sad thought that I don’t like to have but generally get when I watch something like the Oscars or the Academy Awards on television.

Having said that I am definitely the type of person who wants to know things about the Oscars and if you are the type of person who loves the Oscars to death and wouldn’t miss it for the world then you definitely are in a cool spot online because this entire website is dedicated to the 2016 Oscars and the nominees that are just about to be crowned or derailed in just the next few days. So keep on reading and we will go over every category and which actor or actress we think is going to win and why they deserve to win with their performances or film in general. It’s not too hard to distinguish which films are the best, and we all hope that the best films actually do win, but of course it is not up to us who wins and there never is really any telling who will win ever, and that’s part of what makes this type of ceremony dramatic and somewhat exciting, although it is mostly really boring no matter who wins. 

Ok, so no we are going to talk about the best actor in a leading role, and this year there definitely is some really good nominees. The first is Bryan Cranston for his rendition of Dalton Trumbo in the biographical film Trumbo. This was a really good film and a really good performance and no one should ignore this nominee because he might just be the sleeper pick this year. Of course Matt Damon is nominated for his performance in The Martian and it was pretty cool that he was pretty much the only person in that movie but I don’t know if he has what it takes to win, but he definitely deserves his nomination, so congrats Damon on another Oscars goodie giveaway that will be epic no matter what. The next nominee, who I think might win, is Leonardo DiCaprio for his performance as Hugh Glass in The Revenant. Leo just deserves it finally, and I think this might be his year to win it all, but who knows? There is Eddie Redmayne who played a transsexual in The Danish Girl and I think the Academy loves this performance and might even give the nod to him in the end, which would be fine because he killed it, but Leo (sad face) we all want him to win.

If you have a brain of any sorts and like movies of any sorts then you definitely know that this time of the year in Hollywood is red hot and sexy in terms of the famous people getting themselves ready to reveal themselves to the public and come out for the biggest night of the year for the film industry, which is the Oscars, or the Academy Awards, and this year in 2016 we are celebrating the 88th Oscars, which is pretty cool I guess if you are into numerology or something weird like that. For me the Oscars are just another glamour and glitz fiasco put on by the Hollywood executives that literally control just about everything that we see in movie theaters and essentially all film art that we have in the world. 

The Oscars

2016 Oscar Nominees

Now that we are getting towards the end of February we all know what that means in terms of the film industry, and that means that it is pretty much Oscar season, so get your champagne ready and get your manicures and pedicures done because this year’s Oscars is going to be red hot and it’s definitely going to have some surprises and some really big moments this year, which is always the case every time Oscars season comes around, but this year in 2016 it is for sure going to be different. Even if this year’s Oscars celebration isn’t that different than all of the other years in which we have done this as a film culture, this is after all the 88th Academy awards, but that doesn’t mean that this year doesn’t have some really cool nominees that definitely are going to be really hard to sort out because it’s all about the best of the best and what makes these films the very best. There’s really no telling who is going to win because there aren’t really too many front runners this year, but of course that doesn’t mean that someone might not win multiple awards because that tends to happen all of the time with the Oscars, and that could definitely be the case for the 2016 celebration that is up and coming and this is definitely going to be a very glamorous year for sure.


So if you are the type of person who completely obsesses over the Oscars and watches it every year and you just love the film industry with all of your heart then you are definitely in the right place online because this entire website and list of articles is dedicated to the 2016 Oscars and all of the nominees for every category, and we are definitely going to give our opinions about every film and actor’s performance and we will let you know who we think deserves to win, but of course it is not up to us and we are only going to speculate just like anyone else who is talking about the 2016 Oscar nominees, because just like every year the winners will be decided by the academy and those who paid their way to the nominations and the win, because when it comes down to it winning an Oscar takes a ton of money, which is what all of these nominees have in common.


So in terms of the best picture of the year there definitely is a lot of competition, but there are definitely a few films that stand out amongst the best as probably the front runners for the best film of the year. I think that The Revenant was probably the best movie of the year, but there probably is no telling whether or not they are going to win, and they definitely have some competition. The Martian was ok but it definitely wasn’t that good, and definitely not better than The Revenant. The Big Short was a great comedy about the housing collapse of 2007, but that story line isn’t a best picture type of film. Mad Max was extremely epic, but it wasn’t quite as artistic as The Revenant. The other films out there have a shot at competing with The Revenant in terms of artist creativity, but did they really have an epic story line like Revenant and the odds are no, so that’s why we think that Leonardo DiCaprio and Ajejandro Innaritu will win best picture this year.


So be ready you guys, because it will be a tough decision, but I think it is pretty obvious that The Revenant is the very best movie of the Oscar nominees.